If you want to make a real impact, it’s best to surround yourself with a team who shares your vision and values.
The Ivy Citizens team is made of like minded professionals who value exceptional quality and the highest integrity in every aspect of our industry. Our team’s passion extends from the premium nature of our products to the responsible way in which they’re made to the meaningful experience of our customers and community. We think the result is something pretty special.

Our Team

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson


As CEO, co-founder Lisa handles direct contact for all buyers and partnerships (college sales, strategic partnerships, collaborations), vendor and supply chain management and relations, sourcing, marketing, media and PR, and daily operations.

Lee McCormick


As CFO, Lee is our guy for all things finance, accounting, billing, operations, and eCommerce management.

Amanda Cherry

Amanda Cherry

Co-founder and acclaimed fashion designer, Amanda is our lead designer & head of product development.

Ivy Citizens Premium Apparel

Marguerite Lewis

Marguerite keeps us moving through operations, web support, customer service, barcodes/SKU/tags, inventory, shipping and receiving.

Ivy Citizens Premium Apparel

Jamie Ehninger

Jamie runs the show for production and decoration.

Tara - Ivy Citizens

Tara Diggs

Tara is our point person for art approval and technical design, including all tech packs and line sheets.